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Brand Story Reports & Analytics
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1.Story Impressions -  the number of times a story has been loaded, whether in or out of view.

2. Scene Impressions - total sum of all scene views, including views resulting from auto-advance.

3. AVG Scene Time - the average time spent on individual scenes. Every time a user changes a scene, we send a time e.g. 5 seconds, and it's the average of those. Auto-advance implies a maximum for this value. The timer is capped at 20 seconds, to prevent skewing the average when the page is left open, and there is no auto-advance.

4. AVG Story Time - the average time spent on a story, which is recorded independently from scene time and capped at 100 seconds if the browser is left open.

5.1 Actions (click-outs) - the number of CTA taps that open a URL, call a phone number or open an email client.

5.2 Attachments (swipe-ups) - the total number of Attachments that were opened in a story. Attachments are tracked separately to CTA actions, despite the buttons often looking similar. 

6. SUR (swipe up rate) - The ratio of attachments (number of times opened) to story impressions.

7. AVG Depth - how far (number of scenes) is reached into a story on average. This is calculated as: (scene impressions / story impressions) / number of scenes* 100.

In the case of auto advance, it may not be due to user interaction.

8. AVG Engaged Depth - the same as AVG Depth except excludes first scene impressions (excludes users who didn't interact with the story).

This is calculated as: (next scenes / story impressions) / number of scenes * 100.

9. Interactions (engagement rate) - the number of users that interacted with the story (only the first interaction is counted for each story load). This could mean they went to the next scene, opened the share menu, or unmuted a video. It is generally fairly similar to the second scene impressions, since going to the next scene is the most common first interaction.

10. Interaction rate (IR) - calculated as number of interactions / number of story views and shown as a percentage.

11. Heavy Ads - The number of times there was a heavy ad intervention (the story ad was removed by the browser for using too many resources).

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