This option allows you to serve stories at www.<your-domain>/stories, which may have SEO benefits.

The CDN should use the following configuration:

  • Origin:<id>/ (the id can be found on the domain settings page)

  • Forward and vary on headers: Accept-Language (optional, to support localization) and X-Forwarded-Proto

  • Query string params: opts (optional)

  • Methods: GET, HEAD

  • Caching: Use origin headers


You must configure the story domain and story path on the domain settings page to complete the configuration, so that we can present the correct URLs throughout studio.

Cache-Control sets max-age=300 (5 minutes). This ensures that if stories are modified, those changes make it to the user in a reasonable time-frame.

It is possible to set a higher max-age if stories are modified infrequently after save, or if it's less urgent to propagate updates to the user.

All URLs should have a trailing slash, so there is no ambiguity and all links get maximum SEO benefits. It is recommended to set up a redirect from no trailing slash -> trailing slash. If this is not possible for some reason, it is necessary to forward the X-Forwarded-Path HTTP header (original request path) to our origin, so that we can construct the redirect with the correct path.

Subdomain configurationĀ 

This is how to serve stories at <subdomain>.<your-domain>:

  1. Inform of your desired subdomain.

  2. Newsroom AI will send you:

    a) A URL.
    b) (Optional) Instructions to add a CNAME to your DNS, in order to validate an HTTPS certificate that we manage.

    The URL will return a 403 status until steps 2-5 are completed.

  3. Configure a CNAME in your DNS from <subdomain>.<your-domain> to the URL in step 2. Also configure the CNAME to validate the HTTPS certificate, if requested.

  4. Enter the chosen domain on the domain settings page.

  5. (Optional) If you would like to manage your own certificate, email an HTTPS certificate to for the chosen subdomain. This requires more ongoing maintenance, as you will need to send a new certificate each time it expires.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this option to users of the Free Plan.

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