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Upload media guidelines
Upload media guidelines

upload video, image, specs, guidelines, formats, max size

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  1. To upload your own media file click on Add layer and select Media:

2. Select the media type you'd like to add and drag and drop the file or click the Upload button.

3. If you click on the Upload button you can browse files on your device or use one of the connectors available.

Image guidelines:

Max file size is 40 MiB.

Accepted image formats are .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .WebP and .SVG

Vector (shape) guidelines:

Max file size is 40 MiB.

Accepted vector format is .SVG

Video guidelines:

Recommended dimension is 1080px x 1920px but 720px by 1280px will also look good.
Aspect ratio is 9:16 or 16:9.
Max file size is 200 MiB.
Accepted video formats are .MP4, .WEBM and .QUICKTIME

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