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Create from an Instagram Story
Create from an Instagram Story

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Instagram Stories content can be re-created with Newsroom Studio, provided all assets are available. 

To create stories from a publicly posted Instagram Story you can use any number of tools available - such as or

These are the steps for downloading an Instagram Story via 

  1. Visit and type in the Instagram handle you're looking for

2. The next page shows the active stories (if any) or the highlights available for download

3. Select an item and click DOWNLOAD ALL HIGHLIGHTS AS ZIP

4. Unzip the files in a new folder

5. Create a new story with Newsroom Studio.  Create a number of blank scenes to accommodate the story. Upload all files to your library (from the Editor go to the Media panel and then to MyLibrary). Confirm and upload the files (please don't upload more than 50mb at a time).

6. Attach each movie individually to your scenes. Please make sure you're using a full-bleed layout to avoid having white edges. 

7. You're done. Save your story and access it via MyStories page.

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