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Add Quiz scenes to Web Stories (AMP)
Add Quiz scenes to Web Stories (AMP)

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Add and customise a Quiz Scene

The Quiz scene provides a guessing experience with 2-4 options, one of which is correct. It displays the voting percentages after the user makes a selection. The user selection is green if correct and red if incorrect.

Step 1: Click on Add Scene > Blank Scene > Quiz > Quiz

Step 2: Type in your question and answer options.

Step 3: Customise the various graphic elements

- choose dark / light theme

- select prompt font size (small / medium / large)

- choose prompt text, accent and background colour (which can be solid or gradient)

- choose chip style - flat / transparent /shadow

Step 4: Add and customise Quiz Results Scene to display different categories based on percentage of correct user answers.

Click on Add Scene > Blank Scene > Quiz > Quiz Results

This element requires use of quizzes from previous scenes to calculate an answer-based state. Each result category may include an image, title and description to display to the user.

Optional - you can add a threshold to each each category. A score is then calculated from a percentage (between 0 and 100) of questions answered correctly. It displays the category that is lower or equal to the score. If all thresholds are higher than the score, it displays the category with the lowest score. If a threshold is present for any option, all other options also need a threshold.

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