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Add Poll scenes to Web Stories (AMP)
Add Poll scenes to Web Stories (AMP)
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Add and customise a Poll Scene

Step 1: Click the Add Scene button > Blank Scene > Poll. Select the poll type that best fits your needs:

  1. The binary poll element provides a two option voting user interface. Users may select one of two valid options. When selected, the highlighted option fills the container and displays the total percentage of votes.Does not support pairing with results scene, and can optionally have a prompt.

  2. The regular poll (or interactive poll) provides a voting experience with 2-4 options displayed vertically, where all options are valid. When selected, each option displays the total percentage of votes. It can be paired with a results scene

Step 2: Type in your question and answer options.


Step 3: Customise the various graphic elements

- choose dark / light theme

- select prompt font size (small / medium / large) and alignment

- choose prompt text, accent and background colour (which can be solid or gradient)

- choose chip style - flat / transparent /shadow

Step 4: Add and customise Poll Results Scene

Display different categories based on user poll answers by pairing the poll scene with a results scene.

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