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Web Story Monetization

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Enabling ads in Web Stories is done via the <amp-story-auto-ads> component and Newsroom Studio allows entering this configuration as code (at either account level or per-story).

For Account level setup go to Dashboard > Tags and analytics > Web Story and add the code on the </amp-story> field:

If the code is only needed on a specific story it can be added by accessing story Settings > Code:

The documentation is therefore a comprehensive and up-to-date resource.

Further information and links regarding the different options for serving ads in Web Stories can be found below.

Programmatic Demand

Programmatic demand is available to increase your revenue from ads within your Web Stories. Programmatic demand can also be used to backfill Web Story ad unit line items. Currently, only Google Display ads are available through Ad Manager, with more demand partners coming soon.

Web Story Ads

Web Story ads (AMP) are full screen, single page ads that appear within a Web Story:

Advertisers or publishers can invite users to a web page, an AMP page or an app store link with a single tap. A story ad has a rich, flexible canvas that allows images, videos, animations or a combination of all those elements.

Web Story ads can be created in Newsroom Studio by selecting ‘Web story ad’ on the create story page. After saving, the AMPHTML creative code can be copied from My Stories and trafficked via GAM.

This page documents the current best practices when coding a Web Story ad by hand.

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